Borsalino Wide Brim 100% Fur Felt Black Italy Fedora Trilby 6 3/4-6 7/8 54-55cm

   Borsalino Male Open Crown Fedora. ALEXANDRIA HIGH CROWN , Fur Felt Hat. Beautiful solid black with a 2 1/4 wide brim. It was made in Italy by Borsalino Hat from 100% rabbit fur. The hat has a full satin lining. The hat has a top-quality leather interior sweatband. The hat band is silk grosgrain. This is the ultimate hat. It is soft and rich-feeling. MADE IN ITALY----THE REAL DEAL BORSALINO FUR FELT. TAG SIZE: US 7 says 56. Although fits more like a 6 3/4-6 7/8(APPROX). THIS HAT FITS A 54.5 to 55cm REALLY WELL. CHECK OUT HALF PRICE PAULYS HATS N MORE! The item "BORSALINO WIDE BRIM...
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